Web 2.0 is all about Interactive technologies.

Not too distant past we were dealing with the early stage of web, the timeline I am talking about is 1991-2003. Before we can get any more frustrated with downloading a site, page by page, with not much happening other than what the webmaster intended for us to see, hear, or download, Web 2.0 emerged. The era of interactivity begins. The timeline is 2004 to present. Its all about interactivity on website, user based, data driven, dynamic driven websites. Using of javascript, and jquery library is a great way to create interactive websites. Javascripts is a client side scripting language which can be used to store cookies in users website, create poll, calender, store and save data, send data. Flash and actionscript is also on the best technology to create interactive websites, where web developers can create games, interactive documents, where users can input to get certain outputs. Flash is also good for developing mobile based web applications. The best technology driven language I love is php and its integration with My SQL. Most website that is driven with some kind of data, is usualy created with php and mysql. PHp is one my best web language, which let’s to create dynamic websites and also helps me write less code to produce dynamic websites in less.

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