Web 2.0 is all about Interactive technologies.

Not too distant past we were dealing with the early stage of web, the timeline I am talking about is 1991-2003. Before we can get any more frustrated with downloading a site, page by page, with not much happening other than what the webmaster intended for us to see, hear, or download, Web 2.0 emerged. The era of interactivity begins. The timeline is 2004 to present. Its all about interactivity on website, user based, data driven, dynamic driven websites. Using of javascript, and jquery library is a great way to create interactive websites. Javascripts is a client side scripting language which can be used to store cookies in users website, create poll, calender, store and save data, send data. Flash and actionscript is also on the best technology to create interactive websites, where web developers can create games, interactive documents, where users can input to get certain outputs. Flash is also good for developing mobile based web applications. The best technology driven language I love is php and its integration with My SQL. Most website that is driven with some kind of data, is usualy created with php and mysql. PHp is one my best web language, which let’s to create dynamic websites and also helps me write less code to produce dynamic websites in less.

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SEO and Analytics

SEO and analytic are two very important topics for a public website.

Having your site or your client site SEO (search engine optimization) ready, is a great way to bring traffic. The Wikipedia defines it as “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results as opposed to search engine marketing (SEM) which deals with paid inclusion.” The leading search engines for today are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Millions and millions of people are searching using keywords on these giant search engines everyday. The main goal of SEO is to rank your site as high as possible once someone initiates a search using keywords. The way it works is search engine has spider bots that crawls the web for information and stores it within the companies server. Then the “indexer” will use those information that has been stored by the spider, and determine various values, such as links to other pages, keywords, locations of words etc. Google allows webmasters to control which page should be crawled and which pages shouldn’t. By creating a xml site-map, we can guide the spiders to crawl pages according to links. Also having a robot txt file placed on the directory can specify and instruct spiders to not crawl certain pages and folders. We can also create meta tags to prevent a page from being crawled.

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Discussing Final Project

For my final project, I have chosen BZOD art gallery. The goal of the project is to design a very simple and elegant website. I have worked on few wire-frames before deciding on the final concept. My wire-frames were all done in my sketchbook. I feel more comfortable working in pencil and paper before moving onto the computer. It makes things easier for me. So for the final design I have chosen a simple yet elegant site. The color and theme would be bright and clean looking. After finishing the wireframe and choosing the final concept, I moved onto my computer to create the mock-up. The basic idea behind it is to create a clean site which wouldn’t interfere with the actual art works that would be placed inside it. For instance, if the design of the site is visually strong and colorful, the art pieces that the site would hold won’t stand out, and that would be a negative result for an art gallery site.

My design starts off with the logo on the to left. For now , that feels like the safest place to put the logo, as when people would arrive at the site, first thing they should notice is the name of the gallery. I have also placed the search box on the top right side, across from the logo. The idea behind that is also the same, as I want people to notice the search box just as quickly ad easily as the logo. The search box is for easier usability of the site. It will help people who are in a rush to find what they looking for instead of navigating through the site. Underneath them is the main menu, and right underneath that is the header/slides and news of the top topics of the site. It will hold about 5 different topics that can be scrolled up and down, or manually chosen. When the audience likes a topic, they can simply click on it and will be taken directly to that article and gallery. I have also placed a “bread-crumbs” underneath, which would be in clear view of the audience, so they would know where they are and not feel lost. It would also be helpful for anyone who arrives at a page other than  the home-page and the bread-crumb would give them a sense of navigation to where they are in the site. This site will also have a member section, which has loin information on the left corner right below the top header. Right below that, there will be a scrolling box with news event, important topics, future event notices etc. The main contents of the site will be placed on the right portion which would have about 80 percent of real estate oppose to the left side. Finally, the footer, should consist of 3 or 4 column. Out of the columns, one would have few recent twitter feeds, one would have few recent heading of blogs, another column would hold important links, and last column would be optional. Below that there will be the menu once again for better usability.

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