Discussing Augmented Reality

I have been fascinated by Augmented Reality for a long time now. I have just never had the time in between school and job to sit down and actually learn the damn thing. But it is definitely on the top of my “to do list”, right after graduation off course. In the article “Top 5 Trends of 2009: Mobile Web and Augmented Reality“, the author Richard McManus talks about how it is the hottest thing this year as it has been implemented in almost anything from mobile applications to kids toys. I have a feeling AR will find its way into the whole social media and before we know it, we will be using Facebook with 3D technology. We will be tweeting in 3D and read blogs and watch the story unfold in dramatic 3D.

As I was searching along , checking out the latest gadgets and technologies, I came across a YouTube video of how book writers are implementing AR technology to create story books for little kids. The idea is brilliant, mom and dad won’t have to read bed time stories anymore. Kids can read or in this case visualize themselves. There are couple of ways to enjoy the book, one is to use a computer and camera to reveal the 3D story, or get an actual virtual goggle. Now I am not sure how much the goggle would cost, but I am perfectly happy with the web cam for now.

For a more practical use of AR, head on down to Rayban’s Virtual Mirror website and see for yourself in first hand, how this beautiful technology is being used for business purpose. Viewers will have to download and install a small executable program, intended only for PC users (sorry Mac people), and using their own web cam, they can try on any of the featured glasses on their collection. Unfortunately, I am on a mac, and my pc is not linked up with a web cam, so I couldn’t experience it on first hand, but here is a YouTube video of someone who did. Check it out by clicking here.

Now Imagine the possibilities, shopping for clothes and accessories. You won’t have to leave your house. Use something like the Rayban’s Virtual Mirror to try on the new shirt, or pant and see how it looks on you and then simply click and shop. The possibilities are endless.

Imagine Google with AR technology. They already have something called Google Goggles, which is still on the earliest stage of development. It is available for only android powered phones. The idea behind Google goggle is visual search technology, which uses pictures to start a search. So if you are out and about, and wanted to know about something or curious about it, just snap a picture and search, and Google will do the rest. The part that makes me more interested is where they implemented the AR technology for local business. You simply point your phone towards the business with the camera, and the GPS system will locate the business and send all its information right to your phone instantly. So Fasten your seat belt people, we have a lift off, next stop is… “The future”.

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