Design Techniques and Green Solution

The first article “You Got Design Right – Now ‘Write’ Design!” by Davethackeray, talks about how designers and writers think similarly when it comes to their line of work. As I read through his article, I found it very interesting as how he made connections to all the guidelines that both designers and writers follow to do their projects. I personally think its 100% true, that no matter what the profession is, whether it is a writer, photographer, singer, painter, designer… everyone should have one goal, which is to make their piece interesting and appealing to their particular audiences, if not everyone in general. And to achieve that their is a similar guideline that everyone can follow, similar to the five step plan Dave wrote on his blog, including the Five Ws and the H.

On other note, the article 20 Ways to Streamline Your Web Business by Mike Smith, talks about some real good ideas to stay sharp and ready in the field of Web-Developing. He talks about having templates of generic HTML and css codes that are almost always used on every projects instead of re-writing them over and over, which to me is an excellent time saver. The file cabinet idea is not my cup of tea. For some reason, it screams out Global Warming . We should be in the habit of saving things digitally in this day and age, off coarse, its possible to loose digital information, thats why having more than one back-up is ideal. So instead of file cabinet, which is sure bulky, takes up room, and sure increase of our carbon footprint, we can just buy couple of external hard-drives, and save all our paper-works digitally. And if thats not enough, there are many more ways to save your work digitaly as well. Just like practical storage companies popping out everywhere in the last few years, digital storage companies are also surfacing. Just do a search for “Storage and Backup Services” and shop around.

Talking about carbon foot print, using the Internet is not exactly the greenest way, oppose to print technology. Unless we use servers and hosting companies that are dedicated to use Eco technology to power their business. I have done my own research and found many hosting companies that are completely green, meaning they are not burning any fossil fuel, they are simply using wind and solar power to generate their electricity to run their servers and computers.  We should take some time off and look into and support companies with green technologies. Its is our job to protect the earth and secure the future. Below is a list of Hosting Companies (not in any particular order).

  1. SuperGreen Hosting
  2. GreenGeeks
  4. GoGreen Hosting
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